Sunday, December 16, 2007


JB is my new Sister-Friend! I actually sort of knew her from church. I mean I saw her every Sunday for a few years, we were polite to each other and often would talk briefly about raising children. Nothing earth shattering, nothing that would make us pay any attention to the other. But something divine happened, the first Sunday on my release from Danbury Federal Prison Camp, we saw each other at Church and she greeted me joyfully and somehow we got onto the subject of blogging and entreprenuerism. WELL! we had a lot in common and not just blogging. Turns out she is in the process of divorcing too. So we started having lunch on Tuesdays to sit and talk and support each other. We take turns preparing lush meals with real silverware and dishes and fancy glasses-- the works! She is amazing, well accomplished, super smart---like intellectually smart and gorgeous and funny. Now I know many of my friends do not want to appear in my blog--they do not want their business all over the Internet--My friend Ron has already smacked me around about this and he doesn't care that I have changed his name...but I digress. Anyway my Sister-friend JB has added a level of support and comfort that I did not expect or see coming. Tuesdays with her has made my marriage-is-ending moments more than bearable. She has added another voice of reason and common sense to the choir that is my network of beautiful "True Love" friends. My marriage ending is unbearably painful, I mean PAINFUL! So her sage advice always carries me until the next Tuesday and before I knew it, I have gotten through a month of Tuesdays! This is truly the season of wonder, mystery and JOY!

"You can't depend on someone with a broken compass to chart your course" JB.


kansasrose said...

THank you for the lovely and edifying comment this weekend on my ice filled blog. People like you bring light and warmth. I am honored. May HE bring you HIS Joy and Peace this season of His Birth and beyond. He touches and works and shapes through us all in so many life mysteries. Glad you found a good friend and sister in Christ...Love, Jen

Sojourner G said...

I rejoice with you. Many fail to realize that God is all they need until they find that God is all they have. Being "reduced" to the circumstances you write about indeed have a devine purpose. When you rely on Him (and not him), He will NEVER let you down. He is showing you in the most interesting ways.

Stay close.
Stay faithful.

Simple Elegance said...

Thank your for visiting my blog.

Lovebabz said...

Kansasrose, I am doing my best to stau in the sacred moments of my faith. That day I did well.

Sojourner g, my life has been a lesson in faith, resistance and surrender. I do believe Ia m blessed.

Simple Elegance, you are welcome to drop in here any time as I will drop in on you from time to time.

Becaro said...

What do women without close female friends do? I don't think I would make it a week without them!

Lovebabz said...

I hope to never ever find out!
Happy Holidays!