Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So much emphasis is placed on romantic love and the sexual expression of that romantic love. But really, it is good friends who stay with you through thick or thin, good times and bad times, for better or worse. The marriage vows ought to be said to good friends, rather than to someone we think we are so in love with. No, I am not angry or jaded or even disillusioned. I am very clear about this. My marriage has ended but my friendships have stood the test of time. The folks that are my "True Love" friends know me, understand me and still love me as I am. Isn't this the love we all want. I know I do. My love for my "True Love" friends is satisfying and deep and sacred. It is this love that comforts, and heals; sending me into the world stronger, wiser and braver. I am lucky, blessed and humbled by the love of my "True Love" friends for all the days of my life forever and ever.


laurie said...

Amen indeed. You speak the truth, my sister.

Becaro said...

I couldn't agree more. My friends are the ones through whose eyes I occasionally have to see myself in order to face myself sometimes.

Princess TinyButt said...

amen my dear. i feel the same way! although i've been with dear hubby for 15 years and, compared to many of folks i know, we have a really good relationship, it's not the same as it is with my "true love" friends-both female and male. i just did a post about friends and what they are in my life. amen.