Friday, December 14, 2007


It is the small gestures of kindness that fosters my belief in God. It is the unexpected gifts of friendship, and caring that God uses to light my path. God as the director and producer of my life has given me a starring role and has given me a cast of supporting characters to make this journey a success.

Yesterday could have been a mess. There was a snow storm and I had no groceries and I needed to get to the store, and school was cancelled . I called my estranged husband the night before to see if he could give me the weekly money, of course he wasn't home--as far as I can tell he did not spend the night at home. So of course I was wounded by that. I spoke with him once he got to work to see if he could meet me--of course he had a bit of an attitude and said maybe he could meet met at 10:30 am. The storm was slated for midday I wanted to get ahead of it. But I needed the money. So earlier that morning about 7:30am, my newest Sister-friend JB called me and said I was on her mind. She offered me some money and offered to come watch the kids while I run to the grocery store. At first I was no, no, no then I conceded. Now shortly after I hung up from her, my Soror dropped off her beautiful children and gave me money so that if my estranged husband didn't come through, I could at least get a few things to tie me over. My sister-friend JB arrived with her beautiful child in tow, handed me money, took over the breakfast detail and shoos me out the door. I get to the grocery store and I get all that I need. My estranged husband calls me on the cellphone and says he can meet me. I meet him with my groceries in the car. I did not need him. I got home just before the storm started.

For me yesterday was a big deal and represents a turning point in my life. I had faith that everything was going to work out. I lived my faith yesterday in a way that I have never done before. I did not panic and I did not cry or feel helpless. I accepted God's help without Resistance. My Soror and my Sister-friend came to my aid without question. I accepted their help graciously and without shame. I am all the better for it. This is what love is all about. This is how we are all connected on the continuum of time and space; each of us in fellowship, working for the divinity.

I have all that I need to move me forward. I know in my heart and mind that I am destined for a happy, abundant and full life. All is as it should be.


Raquita said...

That is the hardest part for me - accepting hte help that people offer. I ahve a friend who always pops up at the EXACT right moment to offer to bail us out and it jsut eats at me that I need her to bail me out at all.

I am workin on it.

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Good thing is that help is always there, waiting for us to call upon it. It always is a miracle when we finally are at the point of letting go of the past. And that is all that is required to enjoy real freedom. Merry Christmas, and more of this new beginning to you, Babz. All my love,

KimPossible said...

Wow, that is a wonderful story. It is so true, if we have a little faith God will always show up. You exercised your faith and God put you on their hearts and it was a wrap from there. Great post. I pray God continues to do that for as you continue to trust Him. God will always supply all of your needs whether your husband or anyone else. Late in the midnight hour, he always turns it around. He comes just in time doesn't he? I am glad you and your family are safe, warm and have food on your table.

Have a good weekend and stay in touch.


BottleBlonde said...

I love this post. Your friend was your angel that day, and she sounds like a wonderful woman.

P.S. Regarding what you e-mailed me about - it's there if you ever need it. Everything is on God's time, and he'll decide when/if it is for you. ;-)

Ms Smack said...

How true. Sometimes our pride stops us from recognising the angels he sends to us.

I hope you have a safe, warm and happy christmas.

Princess TinyButt said...

wow. well, not really. you see, that's what happens when we get other folks and their mess out of the way, unnescessaryness out of the way, and more importantly- get out of our own way, and do just what you did, whether decidedly or not, rely on, and live in faith. that's what happens, and i am so glad and pleased that it is happening to you!
this is something that i am working on daily. i'm sure you know how easy it is not to do this. especially when there is alot of external attacks against your relationship with HIM and your peace, grace because of it. we attack our ownselves enoough as it is...well, i'll leave that for another post!! lol!

i am so glad you've had this day, this revalation. savor it. use it.

i saw your post on my blog, i'm hagging it there, had a tough week. not feeling too hot. lot's of pain and a few siezures which we thought were getting under control. i've been busy doing my holiday baking and cardmaking too. hadn't had a chance to post, but please check in soon, im working on a few this weekend.

much love and pride for you! be well WARRIOR!


Princess TinyButt said...

p.s... thanks so much for checking in on me!

Anonymous said...

Rom 8:28