Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lipstick Poems Fitbit

Happy March!

So I decided to join in on some challenges for the month of March. Why? Because they can be fun! And quite empowering.

Lipstick Challenge.
Wear and post a shade of lipstick everyday for the month of March!
My Sister-friend Gail Samuels blogger at www.onewomanstyle.com created this fun challenge!

A Poem A Day Challenge
To celebrate my friend William Spivey's Birthday at the end of the month! I have dared him to do it too... He hasn't responded yet... (fingers crossed)

Fitbit WALK MORE Challenges 
All the ones I am invited to but haven't really put any effort      towards. Well its on! I'm ready!

3/1/16 Poem

The joy is not in
hanging around you
although I am sure that is a delight

The Joy lies in knowing you
like the moon is to the sun

The sun to the earth

The stars to our wishes


1 comment:

Big Mark 243 said...

...that is a really good poem... who ever is its inspiration is truly being appreciated..!