Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#22 Poem-A-Day Challenge: When You Meet A Poet

when you meet a poet
you will fall in love

you will use kind words

you will feel compelled to write poetry

but first you will insult them

you won't understand them

you will measure them with the same
blueprint from folks you've known before
because we feel vaguely and eerily familiar to your spirit

when you meet a poet they will ask about your dreams
ask about your people ask about your heart

poets want everyone to be in love
they want everyone to carry stardust and confetti

When you meet a poet you are obligated to care for them
be nice to them  laugh with them  sing for them

you will accuse them of motives that are not their nature
like stealing hearts and souls

we are not thieves... what need of your heart & soul when words are larger than life
and the only thing a poet will take are deep breaths of passion and awe

only fools don't know they
are poets too

when you meet a poet invite them in and allow them to stay
for it may seem like we move on rather quickly
in the blink of an eye for us time is neither here nor there.
3:00 am is 2:00 pm is 8:00 am is 4:pm day is night and night becomes day

i've carried poems in my spirit all of my life
poets stay where we are loved and welcomed.

as i am leaving you i leave you poems

babz rawls ivy 3/22/16

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