Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#9 Poem-A-Day Challenge: First Write

For all of my life, I have taken great solace in writing. Taking pen to paper and getting lost in where my heart and soul carried me. Over the years, writing has been my saving grace. My therapy. My lover. My confidant. Writing has never failed me. Poetry has given me voice a way to speak my love language, pain language, joy language, discontent language, happiness language.

This Poem-A-Day Challenge has delighted me to no end. Mostly in part due to the inspiration of someone I care a great deal about as a way to celebrate his birthday in a very personal intimate way. Sure I can buy him something, but words as gifts, as prayers as love is the most divine gift I know to give. It is a way to share myself physically and intellectually and spiritually. The other reason is that I am profoundly joyous crafting a poem every day. It's like I've been in a deep sleep and just awoken. Yes, I've crafted poems sporadically for folks, birthdays, weddings, engagements, celebrations of all sorts.  But this daily commitment has been so joyous. I look forward to it, listening for the words to come.

First Write
write now
write later
write around
write up
write down
write back
write forward
write more never less
write full
write empty
write fast
write slow
write love
write hate
write me
write you

Babz Rawls Ivy 3/9/16

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