Monday, October 25, 2010


"I don't think being truly human has any place for guilt...Contrition, yes, but guilt no.  Contrition means you tell God you are sorry and you're not going to do it again and you start off afresh.  All the damage you've done to yourself [is] put right.  Guilt means you go on and on belaboring and having emotions and beating your breast and being ego-fixated.  Guilt is a trap.  People love guilt because they feel if they suffer enough guilt, they'll make up for what they've done, whereas, in fact, they're just sitting in a puddle and splashing.  Contrition, you move forward.  It's over.  You are willing to forego the pleasure of guilt." ...Sister Wendy Beckett as told to Bill Moyer, taken for the book The Surrendered Wife, by Laura Doyle.

I found this passage profoundly moving and divinely directed to me.  It is no accident that I came across this passage this week.... I finish federal probation this week.  I served 29 days in federal prison camp, 5 months house arrest/confinement and 3 years supervised release...probation.  It is time to let go of the guilt and for the last 3 years I couldn't let it go.  This passage illuminates my path toward letting go.  This is the week I let it all go and truly move on from it.  No longer hiding in shame.  No longer beating myself up.  I am worthy of being in this world and enjoying this life.


Her Side said...


It must be hard when the guilt is tied to a very specific and very present consequence (like probation). This is like a double-release for you, and the news is lovely to my ears today! (okay, my eyes, but you know what I mean heheh).

MsKnowitAll said...

Sister Lovebabz,

You never exuded guilt. Love yes. Guilt no. Hugs to you on your journey, as you move on and let go, move forward and continue to grow. You are certainly worthy of all of the good and amazing things coming your way.

Moanerplicity said...

That's a very spiritually-levitating passage, my Sista. Maybe it's actually human nature that makes us punish ourselves, to speak & think ill of ourselves, to mistreat ourselves & be harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be to us. Ego-centered perhaps.

But we've only one journey in this life with a path that diverts & detours into many directions. We all have our road to walk but to fill it with negativity, especially about ourselves, our past, our flaws, our human foibles seems a huge waste of time in that journey.

I'm glad you found this passage & that it speaks directly to your stuff. In fact I think, we, as a collective, can all learn something from it!

Snatch JOY!