Sunday, October 3, 2010


Let the preaching begin:  You gotta have faith that something bigger, grander and supreme is walking on this journey of change with you.  Call it whatever you like, I happen to like GOD, Jesus Christ, The I AM.  You must find a way to communicate with your inner self and the creator of the universe.  I happen to like prayer, but you can choose whatever methods that work for you... meditation, chanting, burning sage, drawing, or walking through the park. I also like to go to Church.  I have found that this journey is not one to be solely taken in solitude, that meeting up with a community of believers is one of the best blessings in life.  To sit in fellowship with people who share your journey is divine. 

We are not meant to be solitary creatures.  We are meant to be connected to one another in love as well as in struggle. We are not solely just people in our skins, but also spiritual beings that exists beyond the mere physical. To know and understand that, already sets you upon a path of change.  I believe that our physical selves house our spirit, our souls and all our thoughts.  That if the body dies and it will, the spirit journeys on. I think life is infinite. Never ending, always moving, always changing.

All change has to happen from a place of willingness, rooted in love.  Love of self, family,community and country. It is not enough to want anything, let alone change.  Want is only a small part of it. What are you willing to do, everyday to make change in your life?  I think most people think that change is some sweeping larger than life ordeal...and often it is.  But it's in the seemingly small steps we take, that becomes the catalyst for the life changing we want and often times NEED.  Love is discipline expressed everyday no matter what the circumstances of the excuse.  If you are in love with yourself then you will work all the more harder for the changes you need to make.  OK sometimes.  It takes getting the right rhythm of motivation.  It requires your mind to be ready to be focused and it also requires a letting go to a power...a supreme being that is grander, larger than yourself.

Full circle. We need each other clinging to humanity to survive.  We need kind words and actions on our behalf.  We need love unconditional and without harsh judgements. I need you and you need me.  Change is not solitary and neither is God.

Keep the faith and if you have none, get some. Believe that you are not alone. Know that your prayers are answered. Begin with a simple prayer: Breathe in. Breathe Out.

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