Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Light and Only Light
(I am goddess)
By Nordette Adams
Rated R for strong language
Listen to the spoken word audio at this link. ..

I will know him
he will not woo me in the dark
I have known too many men who've chosen darkness to smell my scent, to sniff my essence and coo to me beneath cloaks of secrecy
If they'd only look to poetry,
how many times I tell them to come clean,
how many times I speak the meanness done
to one with lights off they'd know they miss the mark.
You cannot woo me offline,
no poetry, no art, no music draws me
in the dark.

I was molested in the dark
raped in the dark
I've been a secret love to single boys
in the dark
because the fat girl ain't a cheerleader,
and my husband kept me in the dark while he chased another lover
and told lies about me to his mother and
I lost my mind in the dark.

So I will know him who truly wants me
because he'll shout with light
be the clichéd knight in white
do it right with roses and diamonds
to magnify the brilliance and perfection he sees in me.
He'll blaze delcarations the
whole damn world believes.

In poetry, in song, with art,
and drama, drang and sturm,
in secrecy, in open, in a moment,
all night long,
he'll be that "someday he'll come along and he'll be big and strong" like
a big-ass Paul Bunyan with Blue true
motherfucker that nobody would
dare claim "He don't love you! He don't love you."

My favor shall dress his face,
liven his pace, and he'll waste nothing
in screaming out its glory.
He'll glow with passion
for his queen.

This is the language
of Nordette.
If you cannot speak it,
I love you as mentor,
I know you as friend.
I accept you as a soul mate on the seventh plane of platonic affection
and take you graciously into my bosom
because I am goddess
and all that.
I am all that.

"First Came Darkness"

The Goddess and The Skylark Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth


cher chez le brit said...

too bad i can't listen live. would love to read poems w/ ya'll. i will have to catch the podcast.

keep doing your thing, babz!

Mizrepresent said...

Oh yeah, this was the shiznit!