Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My Girlfriend Robin and I went to see Tyler Perry's movie "Why Did I get Married?" Robin has seen it , but was more than willing to see it again with me. Now this post isn't a review of the movie. It is about how the film affected me. There is a scene in the movie when the Jill Scott character has just learned her husband was cheating and tells her he is leaving her. The Jill Scott character is talking to another fine man in the movie who has taken her up to this beautiful bluff somewhere in Colorado. Anyway he tells her this is where he comes to work out his issues,to pray, scream, whatever. She says to him that her ex-husband is her life, and she can't live without him, he is everything or something to that affect. The minute she utters those words, I saw myself. I saw myself thinking the same thing when my husband walked out on me and our children. Now prior to seeing this movie on Sunday, my estranged husband let me know that he has been cheating since July. And has gone out on date(s), while I was in prison camp. Of course I was sick with tears and overwhelmed with heartache yet again. WAIT! now here comes the grace: The tears were cleansing and the film was affirmation of that. Seeing that woman in that state of mess allowed me to see my own being. I am on the right path. This blog and all these posts reflect that. I have grown and you can see it. I am moving forward. I have moved forward. Thanks to Tyler Perry for helping me do that...who knew.


Jay said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Our identities get so wrapped up in the people we are involved with - especially when we've been fighting for our relationships - that when it ends, the emotion is overwhelming, and we have to learn who we are without our other halves. Hard, I know, but you'll make it through. You sound like a strong woman.

BottleBlonde said...

You ARE growing. You're seeing your estranged husband for who he is and you're seeing yourself for who you are - a STRONG woman who is reinventing herself! You're like the Madonna of the blogosphere.


Sage said...

Wow...you have truly endured a lot. But look at you! Moving forward with your life and loving yourself in the process.

And I thought Tyler Perry's movie was great...very enlightening and inspirational!