Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It is Wednesday...Thanksgiving Eve. I am so organized and so on point that I am basking in my badd self! I just finished cooking my sweet potatoes for pies...yes pies made with Grande Marnier. My turkey is ready, my stuffing with sausage is done. My brother Roberts' fiancee is making mac and cheese and a turkey ham...yes it is to die for! She is also making a cake. I picked up a pecan pie. My church put together a basket for me that included another pie--pumpkin, a turkey and all the fixings--I am donating most of the stuff because I have been so blessed with so much, but it was so wonderful of them to think of me!. I have all my libations--wine, beer and I am making a punch for the kids. I am so proud I stuck to my tight budget.

I invited my estranged husband...3 fucking times and he turned me down, he would rather sit in a diner with strangers. Oh well, if he prefers that to eating with his kids...fuck him. I am feeling too good right now to stress over his madness. I am really in my element. The holidays are so incredible. I love all that peace on earth, goodwill toward men/people!

Yesterday I had a divine lunch with the most engaging Sister I have met in a long time. Our paths have divinely crossed and I am grateful.. She is someone I know God meant for me to catch up to. Her sage words were healing and thoughtful. I don't think she knows how far she has carried me in my personal development...sitting and spending time with her was like having crib notes on my right now life.

I am so Thankful. And prayers for the incredibly spirited women graciously doing their time at Danbury Prison Camp. I hold them and their families all in prayer.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Uncivil said...

Hi Babz
Just dropped in from Bottleblonde! Wow! And to think I had it bad in 2004 with my separation/divorce,being busted by the feds for selling body armor on ebay, Hurricane Charlie demolishing my mobile home, broken toe with bone protruding out of flesh, wrecked pick up truck etc.

My woes in no way compared to yours, and what helped me was realizing that no matter how bad things are.......someone always has it worse!

You are truly a Warrior Queen! It will get better, and your blog will help others. We (everybody)are continually healing, and your pain put to words has helped heal me a little today!

You'll see what I mean from my next comment!!!! Cheers!

Lovebabz said...

You are funny! Although you may have me beat on a few things. But you are right, just when you think you are at your breaking point you hear about someone else who seems worse off than you. I believe this is grace. This is how we recognize that we ought to be grateful and that we have to be reconnected back to our humanity. Cheers to you too!

Becaro said...

Hi, my first time reading your blog. I love it. Thank you for your honesty!

Mauro C. said...

I have 1 Award to collect in 1 Million Love Messages :)
Congrats my friend.

Have a nice weekend.

Sister P said...

Hope you had a great day and have a great weekend!

laurie said...

1- You rock, girlfriend.

2- Your ex-husband is an ass. Or having some kind of mid-life crisis. Or both.

3- What is a 'turkey ham'?