Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crisp Air Feels Divine

Fall is here again and I couldn't be happier or more sadder.  I have LOVED the last few Summers... warm weather has seduced me.... won my New England heart over.  But I gotta say, the crisp air is divine.  Having my bedroom windows open letting in the night air is perfect as I pull my down blanket closer (I sleep in a down blanket all year long). I am like Charlie Brown's friend Linus... the blanket is my security

This time of year has so much significance for my life... October is so full of all kinds of anniversaries and memories.  I take it all in, the good, the bad, the miserable, the sad, the celebratory and the divine. i could easily use the coming October as my time for resolution... a time for contemplation, a time to be still and watch the leaves fall fall fall.

A sense of hurry hurry slow down. Slow way down. Time to start cocooning and making soups, and checking children's coats.  Asking and checking who has outgrown last year's coat? And  looking to see who gets the hand-me-downs and can I afford to get all new coats for everyone?  And oh dear more boots and socks and mittens.

With the fall crisp air that is so divine brings with it, the spooky oohhhs.... the things that used to frighten  me. Nothing no longer has that power at least not at this moment.  All I seem to want to do is burrow.  I like that feeling.

The crisp air feels so divine. Breathing in is magical, breathing out is the prayer.  God's presence is all around.

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Reggie said...

I have always loved the warm weather of the summertime. But this year, it was entirely too hot here in South Carolina. This year I am welcoming the fall....it's about time.