Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Do I Know About Love So Far?

It must be because I am creeping closer to 49 and next year 50! Maybe it's because I've done a lot of things... a lot of foolish things supposedly in the name of love.  I spent way too many days and nights crying and wringing my hands over mess.  I have done men wrong as the day is long.  What did I care about their hearts?  I wanted what I wanted and then I didn't want them anymore.  How immature and tired.  I have been a fool and gambled too much with the cards I was dealt.

Marriage was truly an oasis in the dessert.  It saved me for a time and now that has long since ended.

What do I know about love so far?  What can I can look back over and really define, defend and detail what I know about love?

I am going to leave this here to hang in the ether.  I am going to give this real discernment.  I am going to take this to prayer.

I do not have a cut and dry answer for this.  I wish I did.  It is complex as is my life.  It is transitioning as is my life.  It is evolving and expanding as is my life.  And yet it remains constant as love wants to do and be.


Moanerplicity said...

Love... learning to love, being IN love, playing with love, hurting from love, yearning to love, learning from love, learning TO love again is like a long & stoic emotional career.

It can wear us out, or we can wear it like a fly-azz outfit that fits just right ...& it freaks us off for a while... & then, sometimes it just plays out & goes outta style.

Love. It ain't for sissies, yo. Not if you want to survive it & not be afraid of falling again.

Love, it's complex equation, yo.

And yet we want it, need it, swear by all that's sacred that w/ each new time we revisit it we'll be smarter, wiser, slicker, & that we'll know just how to treat it & be richer in it.

Hmmm... maybe we're all just fools for love. *ponders*

This is most definitely a time for great gobs of ponderation upon the plains of the Ponderosa.


Lovebabz said...

(Smile) So well said! You word wizard!