Monday, March 5, 2012

My Lenten Journey 2012: What Am I Willing To Leave Behind?

What am I willing to leave behind?  This question goes beyond this Season of Lent.  This is truly a life changing question that is perhaps the foundation for any change that I make moving forward.

Whether its old habits, toxic and stagnant relationships, or mundane average thinking.  What am I willing to leave behind?  Can I be truly be honest with choosing the things that I must let go of in order to live free?  I have done a great deal of self-analysis over the years on this blog.  I have dissected myself for the world to see, but even with some of that, I have been hard-pressed to let go of all the things that keep me stuck.

Truth-telling is hard work.  Standing in my mirror and really looking into my heart and mind is no easy task.  I can easily be too harsh, or go too easy.  I can see what I want to see or I can focus on the worst parts.  There has to be a balance and  for me, getting to the balance is the biggest challenge.

This Season of Lent I am committed to asking what am I willing to leave behind in order to begin anew?  What can I let go of and never return to?  This simple Christian question is a life question indeed.  Perhaps this is my age old question underneath all the other self-awareness questions that beg me to answer... Who am I and what do I want?   Maybe the question moving forward is Who am I to God and what does God want for me?  Is this an aha moment?  I am thinking so.  I am feeling like this moves me into a different direction away from thinking about me alone, and into thinking of myself as a community. Hhmm, will save this thought for another post.

I am taking to prayer today, the overarching question of what am I willing to leave behind?  I need divine guidance on this. I don't want to hastily rattle off a list of things I think I could let go of.  I want to move as God would have me move.

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Big Mark 243 said...

This is deep.

I like that you are using the season to reinforce your purpose. Myself, I am a "the time is now" kind of person but sometimes coincidence makes it seems as though there is something stronger at work.

When I took action on what would bring me to where I am now, it came near the close of the year. I took that as the impetus to throw off what I felt was dragging me down and to move one step at a time towards my goal. The three years, the twist and turns have melted away, I am here and I am who I thought I always was!

I know that you can do it... whatever you need is already with you or it will avail itself to you on your journey! Do your thing, Babz...