Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everlasting Love - Rufus feat Chaka Khan

This one of the sexiest songs ever.  It's smoldering and simple and oh so powerful. Just the right song to lap dance to... yes I said it! LAP DANCE!

When I feel you dreaming
I think of sunsets
How high my high gets
I wanna give to you an everlasting love
I fill your life with a satisfying love
All you need is an everlasting love
All you want is a satisfying (mystifying) love
Sun breezes, moonlight teases
Friendly invasion
Late night persuasion
Each time you pass me by
You saw me fade away
I'll give you more each day


Moanerplicity said...

Great taste! Something very sexy about this joint. Very strong lyrically... but also there's that uncommon calmness of her vocals, then this slow build-up throughout, where you just KNOW she's gonna hit those high orgasmic notes before it's all done.

This was her hothouse flower period & Chaka Khan was in full musical bloom.

The playlist included: Hollywood, Earth Song, & my personal all-time-favorite & most UNDERATED ballad by Chaka "MAGIC IN YOUR EYES!" DAMN! Just damn!

This album was recorded during the apex of Rufus (& dem). A true classic. Loved it!


Lovebabz said...

Hi Lin,

I am a huge Rufus featuring Chaka Khan fan! This is one of my favorites. Although Ms Vanessa Williams handles it pretty damn good too.

Anyway this is one of my favorite all time ever songs!