Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RaMaDaSa - Snatam Kaur - Love Vibration

This is so beautiful to me.  Sacred. Soothing.  I find myself sitting in prayer and letting this wash over me.

Translation -
Raa- Sun
Maa- Moon
Daa- Earth
Saa- Impersonal infinity
Saa Say- Totally of infinity
So- Personal sense of merger and identity
Hung- The infinite vibrating and real

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Moanerplicity said...

Soothing, indeed. Sad. Peaceful. Transcendent. Hopeful. Mellow. Enigmatic. And most definitely eerily beautiful.

I've been listening to this beautifulness while reading some of the poems of Adrienne Rich, who just passed. Suddenly feeling mad reflective now. Discovered her in college (English Lit class) & became a fan of hers & several of her influences (among them Alice Walker & Audre Lorde). I hope you know of her & her work. I think you would most definitely relate to her journey.

RIP Adrienne.

Thanks for the mellow moments here, Babz.