Saturday, April 23, 2011


I know folks are wedded, lock, stock and barrel to New Year's as the "official" date for resolutions.  But for me, I love Easter.  I love Spring as the jumping off point for all things new and exciting!  Yes, I make resolutions on Jan 1st, but I am also drawn to Spring and Easter as a more realistic and life affirming time to resolve to make changes in my life.  It is so spiritual and holy that I can't help but feel the fervor of the Season...

Maybe it's because things pop up in the garden and hints of lush green things spring up all over the beginnings!  Maybe it's all the great stories of the Hebrew scriptures... Moses... etc.  Or maybe I  just need a few more months to get it together beyond January. Whatever the reason, I love Spring!  It certainly is a most holy time with Passover, Crucifixion and  Resurrection.  This to me moves me to a state of readiness about not wasting time...seizing the moment!

For me Spring speaks to the possibilities of all my heart's desires.  What dream have I let die and can be resurrected?  This is the time for possibility thinking.  This is the time to cultivate all those might-have-beens.  This is why I love this Holy season....anything and everything is POSSIBLE!

I am taking more than a few moments during this holy season and think about what dreams I have, what goals I have let fall by the wayside.  See where resurrecting something in my life that was long forgotten could inspire me to reconnect to my better self.  Surely this is the season of miracles.

Happy Easter!


Big Mark 243 said...

For me Spring speaks to the possibilities of all my heart's desires. What dream have I let die and can be resurrected?

Love that line!

Happy Easter, sister!

Lovebabz said...

Happy Easter to you Big Mark 243!