Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday I spent the entire day at the spa with 3 women. One I've known for many years the other two I just met. Truly just met, The Good Witch (her name is the same as the Character from the Wizard of Oz) from the East in The Financial Mama's office (she does my taxes---she coordinates the spa days) and Sister-Atty who I met as we were putting our things in the car for the ride to the spa. WOW!

You know I am a big believer in what is needed always comes. God has always had a very unique way of talking to me. Sometimes its a burning way of a crisis of some sort to get my full attention, but most often he speaks lovingly through angels. Angels that gently whisper God's blessing to me, reminding that I am on the right path. Saturday I was in the presence of 3 angels that I know had a direct message from God for my ears and spirit. The day was easy, and profound. I got to enjoy the gifts of fellowship with Sisters in way that I hadn't done in a long time. It was the making of a beautiful connection. I was supposed to be with those women on that day. We laughed, we talked, we spoke seriously, we goofed, we shopped, we ate fine food, we sat by the pool and rested.

We rested. Not a deep rest, but a catch-your-breath kind of day, where there was no pressure to rush anyone, shuttle anyone or be anywhere except in a robe and slippers.

This is the beginning of a lasting sistership! SPA DIVAS UNITE!

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Solomon said...

I just love days like that. Days that seem to work out perfectly. Days that show me that I, too, am on the right path with Him.

Glad your spirits seem to be uplifted. Sometimes the storm we need to go through makes the calm just that much more enjoyable.