Wednesday, November 2, 2016

NaBloPoMo Day 2: Brave Is My Middle Name

I am a woman of size and girth. I am 5'8' barefooted, I weigh 273 lbs. I am a Queenly woman.
I was not a fat kid growing up, but I have become a fat woman. I am never troubled by this fact until I see my doctor, or someone remembers me from my modeling days, or someone wonders how someone so pretty carries weight so well. Whatever. I have heard every veiled insult.

I was feeling frumpy and a bit worn out and not anything remotely close to sexy or having sex appeal... So I decided to reclaim my own sense of self. A Boudoir shoot. Yes, a 5 hour photo session of my scantily clad self complete with a professional makeup. If I was going to be at the mercy of a photographer, I was going to do it with all the tricks and tools of the Super Models.

There is nothing braver than prancing around in lingerie in a body that is not celebrated in lingerie.

I arrived for my photo shoot with a arm load of lingerie of every sort. Baby doll, bustier, lace, peignoirs, chandelier earrings, feather mules, strappy 6 inch stilettos. I was determined to recapture my inner vixen. Sexy was the order of the day and I do believe I delivered!

My photographer was ready for me with a fruit tray and wine. As soon as I walked in for my 10:00 am appointment she handed me a glass of champagne, pumped up the music and was ready to go. My Makeup artist was instructed to go all out sex glam!  Long eyelashes, smokey eyes, pouty lips. I didn't recognize myself. It was a stunning transformation! I was over the moon delighted!


Am I glad I did it? YES! At 53 I needed that reminder that this old Gurl is without a doubt fuckable. That was the priceless realization. My inner caught up with my outer me.


Cynthia Labrador said...

I love your "brave" I need to break out of my hesitant ways and find my brave! thank you for sharing yours, I'm inspired!

Jennifer (The Hollyhock Door) said...

I LOVE this post! You are amazing - very brave - and look incredible!!

Big Mark 243 said... are PLUS sized and PLUS sexy to go along with it..!