Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NaBloMoPo Day 8: Go Easy, Baby

Tonight is the night. We are all waiting for the results. Shit could go awry and we'd all be left shaking in our boots. Wondering what the fuck just happened?... Not unlike our peeps across the pond on that crazy Brexit shit tip. I'm keeping the faith though. America manages to rise to her better angels on occasion. and now is the occasion. It is time America to play to your better valor.

I am a political junkie from way back. I've worked on some great campaigns... Even ran for public office myself, and won...Twice. Not to mention serving on high profile boards and commissions and committees and a host of cool and challenging nonprofit gigs. But that was all before the crash and burn. I no longer say the "Fall from Grace" what had happened was... I fell to God. A God that I was already intimately familiar with, but kept pushing aside. But this ain't about that life. My point is, I know my way around political shit.

Back to the election tonight... It is my whole belief that I will wake up and Hilary Clinton will be our President. Yes, I believe good trumps evil. It is the basis for every great fairy tale. It is the stuff of legends. I just feel like she has won. America does not need a Trump.

It is hard to walk easy when there is anxiety. So much on the line. The hate talk is so palpable. Just today someone walk in form of my car and then had the never to say "nigger", so I said "FUCK YOU mutherfucker". Because, what?

Invite you to walk easy, baby. I gotta steal a phrase from the Red Witch on Game of Thrones... The Night is Long and Filled with Terrors. We'll know the answer soon enough. But this is a real lesson. We've got to do elections differently. We've got to pay attention to language and rhetoric. We've got to get out front on hate speech that passes as election speech. It ain't. The mainstream press, and the right-wing press has lead the ignorant down the garden path and no one stopped it, or screamed Hey! Don't go! So we find ourselves at the precipice of a race too damn close to be real or comfortable. That's on all of us.

So I, invite you this night to walk easy, baby. I have faith that all shall be well.

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