Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OK CUPID. Not Right Now

I joined OK about a month ago. I thought well, lets get out there and date. I started my profile, had a few conversations, met a few folks for coffee. *Yawn*

I decided to shut down my profile. I just don't find this fun or exciting or even interesting.  I am not shy.  I am not afraid to meet new people and I love men.  I was just disappointed with the level of conversations I was having and the mediocre "dates" And yes, there's the telling about myself that send men screaming from the table. Men at my age aren't interested in a women who has young children underfoot, or they want more children, or they are getting ready to retire and I am no where near that. Or they want a woman thinner and younger and prettier and more something other than what I am. Ha ha ha!

I am sighing because I thought this was going to be fun and adventurous. It's turning out to be work. So I've disabled my profile. I think I need to focus on all the many other things I have going on. I think I will look for other ways to date. I'm not giving up by any means. I see I must become more creative in my efforts.

I am not taking this foray into dating  personally or internally. I am a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor, a lot of love to share and a willingness to surrender and be open to love. I just can't settle for less when I am so much more.

OK Cupid, not right now. Doesn't mean I'll never reactivate my profile... but right now I'm not feeling this way to date. And honestly I rather like this decision. I don't feel thirsty... I feel strong, confident and powerful. and who knows... maybe I'll give other sites a try.

In the meantime, I'm letting folks know, Babz is on the market! Ha ha ha ha!

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