Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Am Hiring Me. I Am My Own Client.

I was on the phone yesterday coaching someone about next steps forward for a project they are passionate about.  I heard myself doling out profoundly good suggestions and inviting the person I was speaking with to try this, that and the other thing... very concrete and specific things. And then it hit me! I AM GOOD AT GIVING GREAT SUGGESTIONS, PLANNING AND FOCUS! I NEED TO HIRE ME! Ha ha ha!

All this time I thought I needed something outside of what I already possessed to move my dreams from hobby to financial freedom.  I have skills and talents that are readily available to ME! I must treat myself like the client and map out my plans accordingly. All this hand-wrangling as if I was fumbling in the dark. I could hear myself rattling off suggestions for a plan for someone else that really are everything I need to do for myself. It was as if I was just talking out loud to myself.

So from this moment on I am the client.  I am coaching myself to health, wealth and happiness. I can certainly capable to coach myself into launching my dreams and moving toward financial freedom. I can coach myself into a FIT me! I can be my own match-maker and find and nurture the love of my life. All this time I was wandering in the woods not fully trusting my own skills. I really thought that someone else had the answers for how to do my life.  I blogged before that you can read all the self-help-spiritual-innerwork books, dvds, webinars forever, but at some point you gotta DARE GREATLY and move into the world with all that you know.  I know this, but in the busyness of life, I found my busyness overshadowed my inner call to action. This is my truth.  I got lost in the busyness of my life... raising kids... trying to rescue my house from foreclosure, paying down a mountain of bills, home repairs, community work, job, and then tending to my dreams. and so much more. Ugh. Sigh.Whatever.

Today, I am hiring me.  I am my own client. That's how I gotta roll. My life requires my full attention.  There is no something other than me outside of me.  It's me and God.  As it has always been; even when I sought solace and help and peace and love and passion in strange places with strangers. I see those missteps as gifts. Truly. 

OK, time to go meet with my client. We got a lot of work to do. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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Big Mark 243 said...

This is prolly the best and most direct, REAL way you have spoken of yourself in a VERY long time...

We must be our own agents... agents of change, agents of good, both in profession and in personal life interactions... and who that agent is, depends solely upon YOU...

The time is ALWAYS NOW... and the best actions is DIRECT..! Be what you want now, and when you are what you want, be willing and prepared to have changed and evolved... you CAN do it.!!