Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dear Me...A Letter To My Current Self

Dear Me,

Why are you giving up on getting the body and life you want. Look, when you don't work hard, what you are really saying is YOU CAN'T achieve what you want.

Why are you half ass working out? Why are you half ass with your diet? Why are you being half ass with everything?

You made peace with the weight, with the messes and mistakes and loses and failure. Gurl you need to get angry and make some noise. Peace isn't about allowing bullshit to continue. Peace isn't about going along to get along. Peace ain't about not trying. Peace is not making excuses. Peace is deliberate, honest and ongoing truth telling.

What the fuck are you doing? And why are you just dying on the vine? Yeah, I see you taking some big steps and great leaps of faith... but hear me IT AIN'T ENOUGH! You gotta DO MORE!

You're not all the way committed. You are hedging your bets. You are still letting fear dictate your movements. Stop talking. Start grinding. Stop talking. Start running. Stop talking. Start doing the things that will bring you to your dream life. Do the things that will bring you your dream body. Stop talking. Start listening to the wind as you run on.

Go get your blessings. Run farther. Run harder. RUN! The weight will leave when it knows it is no longer wanted or needed. Act like you don't have another year. Act like all you have is this moment to make this shit count. You are too damn heavy. You are carrying too much weight. Let it go. Let it fall away. Push it.

I love you, but you gotta let me love you so more. You will be fine. Look how far you have come. Look what you have created. Look what you have come through. There's more to get and have and be. There's more. You are a living message to the world and you are in the way carrying this weight.

Dearest Me, your beauty lights the world. Your smile is radiant and takes my breath away. You is a fine woman. Smart. Strong. Witty. Sharp. Kind. Loving. Put your whole self into this fight and win! You are a WINNER!

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