Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photos: Exploring And Affirming My Beauty. And I am Indeed Beautiful!

I am done with playing to the small lesser story. I am stepping into and owning my unique beauty.
Look at me! Look at me and say get it Sister! I'm done taking myself apart... seeing only flaws and mistakes that need correcting. I am God's child and I need to revel in that. YES! I am working on weight loss. And yes I am working on getting fit.  I am beautiful as Is right now! And I have a mean Wig Game! HA!
I'd like to get to my modeling weight... a size 14. Right now I'm a solid 22 dress and 24 pant. I am owning who I am right now! Right NOW!

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Anonymous said...

You go girl! Self-acceptance at every stage has been key for me. I'm glad that you are coming into that realization as well. Keep moving forward!