Monday, October 14, 2013

I am Willing To Listen....

I spent the better part of my life running from God... boxing with God... ignoring God.

God is loud. God is a whisper. God has been jockeying for my attention forever!  I am only now hearing God from a place of peace and quiet.  I am not afraid of the silence and what that brings.  The voices of doubt, self hate and destruction don't have the same power.  They are not winning.

My willingness to listen is what has ended the war between God and I.

I am listening.  I am listening. I am listening.  I am still struggling to tune out the message... the call to come and be, and share the romance of God and I.

I am strong willed.  Yet God waits.  there are days when the doubts rule.  And God waits.

As I said I am willing to listen.  I am listening.

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angela said...

amen, amen!

even though i have a relationship with God, why do i/we continue to struggle with our relationship with Him.

He calls. He prods. He nudges. yes, He waits.

i ignore Him. Run from him. sometimes fear what i know He has for me, even when i know what He has is only all good.

why do we run? i know i'm tired too. so i listen. fighting my fear of where i know He wants to elevate me to.