Monday, February 18, 2013

My Lenten Journey: What Does Rest Mean?

As I step into this sacred season of Lent, I am learning the practice of allowing Sunday to be that day of rest.  The day where I put away working and doing and working.  This Sunday I stuck to it.  I rested.  I went to church of course. I think what made it easier to rest is the fact that I am SICK!  And being sick makes me not want to do anything.  Being sick is the legitimate excuse for not doing something.

Can I rest when I am not sick?  That will be the question for next Sunday.  What does rest mean?  And why do I feel so guilty when I do?  That's the problem, allowing guilt to drive away what is necessary and healing for mind, body and soul. 

The guilt I feel is something I make up in my own mind.  Yes, there are forces out there that constantly tell me I lack lack lack.  But I can tune that out.  Lent is a time of preparation.  Letting go of betrayal, sins, wrong-doings.  It is a time to turn to God.  I don't want to turn to God in a frenzied state of mind.  I don't want to pray in desperation.  Rest calms.  Rest settles the spirit.  Rest allows for God's movement in my life.

Rest means be still.  Calm down.  Go easy.  Be kind to myself.  Let go of old wounds, past hurts.  Rest means be fully present in this moment.  Allow my breath to be the only sound.

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Big Mark 243 said...

...and with your breath being the only sound you hear, there will be no whispers of guilt for making space for you, your spirit and your connection to the universe....