Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Lenten Journey: Day 1 Ash Wednesday

For the next 40 days I am going to step into holiness.  I am going to take up my cross with all the pain and heartaches, disappointments and sufferings.  Each day I am going to let one or more burdens on my cross go until at the end all I have is a renewed life. I am summoning my divinity to the forefront.  it is time for Rebirth, renewal, reward.

The way to live the life of my dreams is to live the life of my dreams.

40 days. To Fast. To Pray. To Contemplate. To Accept GRACE.

This is always my favorite time.  Some years I am in and some years I am not.  Since this is an answer year, I am decidedly in. There is a depth that awaits me.  Now would be the time to answer the call.  To listen and fully allow God's movement in my life.

I do not have to make stringent rules or layout a plan.  Only to end each day with prayer.  Sit quiet and allow God to speak.  Write in my prayer journal... all the good things I enjoy in my life.  Take up the prayers of those in need and to profess my love for God.  To rise at first light with prayer. Set the tone for holiness through out the day. To walk in truth.  To celebrate with kind words and deeds. 

I am inviting God in as my guest for the next 40 days.  It is my intention to have him be at home in me.  That I might be the dwelling place of Christ. That I become the light of the world.  That my life truly becomes a blessing to someone. I want a new consciousness. I want a new perspective. I want real peace and everlasting love.  I want joy all day.  I want to meet life's challenges with a glad heart.

40 days. To Fast. Pray. Contemplate. Grace.


Big Mark 243 said...

I wish you luck in your journey... cleanse your spirit and expect that your glory awaits you..!

Princess Tinybutt said...

wow. we are on a similar walk. as u know, i partake in lent also, partly because i am a practicing catholic, but mainly because as a christion, i believe. i had been chewing on something similar in terms of doing something daily for the next 40 days to cleanse. to cleanse my heart, my spirit and be reborn by laying my burdens down, which i've already begun doing (we talked about that briefly).

u and your life are a blessing to me, if no one else, and i thank GOD for you.