Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Lenten Journey: Farewell Debbie Ford. Thank You.

The bestselling author of self-help book "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" has died in San Diego. Debbie Ford was 57.

We all will die.  I understand that.  However knowing that doesn't keep the hurt away.  I truly loved Debbie Ford.  She captured my attention.  I hung on her words.  I survived on her words. I prayed with her words.

Thank you Debbie Ford  for sharing your light with me.  You have illuminated my path further.  You have given me enough light for the step ahead.  You have done God's work beautifully.

Thank you Debbie Ford. for sharing your story with me.  We all have a story.  And no story is too big for God.

As I travel on my Lenten Journey I take with me a few words of encouragement by Debbie Ford:

Remember, your soul’s desire is the voice of God. You are being called even in this moment to unveil the next greatest evolution of yourself. You are always being called, but if you are not aware of this divine truth, you will miss out. You do not need to concern yourself with asking how you will step into your greatness, because the divine within you is always close by, whispering your next steps in your ears. As one of my favorite quotes reminds us, “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. #

It’s often hard to recognize our own bad behavior, because we are continually projecting it on others. The more convinced we are of other people’s wrongdoings, the more likely it is that we ourselves are guilty of the same indiscretions. #

Debbie Ford - Defying Gravity
(1955 - 2013)

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