Friday, February 15, 2013

My Lenten Journey: Pray Or Worry

I cannot do both.  Either I pray and believe. Or Worry and disbelieve.

There is no straddling the fence.  There is no halfway.

Either. Or.

Not both.

I know what it's like to go to bed with so much trouble on my mind.  I know what it is not to sleep for days on end because the fear is so great you don't dare close your eyes to it.  And yet by some miracle I come through feeling foolish and ashamed of the doubt, fear and disbelief that held me hostage.

I have not been racked with that kind of fear and disbelief in a long time.  It does however fear and worry hang out around the fringes of my life.  I must say, I am much more present in my life these days.... I recognize the devil (the negative voices whispering in my mind).

To let Go and Let God is a deliberate revolutionary act of love and faith.  It requires training.  It requires attention.  It requires fortitude and inner-strength.


My prayer life is my life line to God. All prayers... unedited and unfiltered are laid at my alter.... the alter.

The walk of faith is the choice of believing. 

I choose to believe.

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