Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzard 2013...An Opportunity for Inner Growth

There is nothing like a Blizzard to give you a reason to slow down and rest.  Really rest... my heart, my mind, my body. Aside from getting out to shovel shovel shovel.  The last several days have been gifts.  Seriously unexpected gifts of time to do whatever.

There is no where to go, no place to be.  Just me being home with kids of course.  Since my kids aren't babies anymore they find ways to entertain themselves without my constant involvement...except to referee some horrible injustice like... when do I get to watch my show?

I have no idea what I want to be doing in my big life.  And maybe that's my deal right now.  Not to know what's next.  To just move forward without a plan.  Move and allow God to direct.

My blog Sister Her Side left this post for me in response to my:

UUGHH! WHERE THE FUCK AM I GOING? (Caps mean screaming)

 Her Side: My personal view: Wandering represents quiet and solace. It's much easier to recognize opportunity and purpose from that place than from a state of busyness...

So rather than get all wrapped up in trying to figure out what to do next.  I'll just cut myself some slack and move forward without a plan of sorts.  All the fears of time running out are all in my head. Time is.  There is no right or wrong time.  There is only moving as the spirit moves you to do so.


Shelly said...

Well it sounds like you know where you are going and you will find out when the time comes where you end up. I love that you have taken this time to think and reflect on things. Quiet time is much needed to empty our heads. Hope you all get to go back to normal soon. I know cabin fever is bound to set in!

Lovebabz said...

Hi Shelly,
Cabin fever hasn't set in yet...but it is near ;)

Having this time to slow down is indeed a blessing for me.