Monday, September 12, 2011


I am by nature a romantic person.  I love cut fresh flowers everywhere throughout the house.  I love great music wafting through the house.  My kitchen is filled with dishes that I love love love.  I have pillows on my sofas that are inviting and comfy.  I have drapes from the windows that are luscious to the touch.  I am a woman for romance.  I still write letters on fine stationary scented with my favorite perfume.  I have a mountain of girly pillows on my bed.  I sleep with flameless candles aglow every night.

This is how you attract love, by creating a loving environment. I am naturally in-tuned to this regardless of attracting a love interest.  I like living around natural luxuries and I want my children to feel at home with nice things around them.  So far so good.  They have an eye for lovely things.

What I am learning about myself is simply do what I love.  Surrounding myself with things and people that speak to romance.  Too much emphasis is place on sexual intimacy as the end of romance.  I say that is not what romance is at all!  If you get a lovely sexual encounter out of a romantic evening great!.  But what I am talking about is living in a romantic state all the time.  A place of serenity, beauty and love.  It is a deliberate choice.  It is about saying every morning I want to walk in beauty and seek it out at every turn.  Yes, this takes some doing.  But it's the same energy you use to worry or get anxious and depressed over lack and perceived troubles.  Everyday you get 24 hours...we all do.  How are you going to spend it?  Are you going to worry and wring your hands, or will you lay out your nice china and serve a wonderful meal.  You already have this stuff.  Whatever your worries, you can't solve them denying yourself pleasure.  Your bills are not going to feel less if you eat off paper plates.  Drink out of your crystal glasses and feel beautiful and abundant.

I am going to probably lose my home...I am awaiting foreclosure papers any day now.  I know they are coming and I am expecting a miracle.  In the meantime, I am choosing to live in beauty.  My house remains picked up and clean and de-cluttered.  It is still my home and I refuse to treat it like it's not.  I am choosing to live a certain kind a way no matter where I am or where I go.  Romance is the order of the day.  I am united in my thoughts and feeling about this.  It is the United States of Romance and I am it's Queen!  I have the choice to live and be any way that I want.  I am choosing to live in romance, peace, love and well-being.  Whatever the challenges ahead, I have the ability to think and reason coupled with faith that all shall be well.

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Her Side said...

Wow. Oh wow. Lovebabz, I do the same thing when it comes to my environment, whether I am alone or not.

I have candle sconces flanking the archway in my living room, drapes nice to the touch, and scented candles I light whenever I'm ready to chill and enjoy my own company or the company of somebody else... including my parents!

I also keep inviting pillows on my couch - mom loved them so much that she wanted to know where I got them.

I never considered how I was creating an environment of romance. I just know it soothes my soul and creates a warm place for the soul to rest.

As I look around my home today, I realize how little I've done this over the past 2 years - which amazingly coincides with the death of my romance with HisSide. I robbed myself, and guess what??? I'm lighting candles tonight to reignite my romance with myself (no pun intended).

Be well!