Monday, September 19, 2011

It's My Mind And I Live Here

Depending on where you stand in the world it may seem like the world is going crazy.  Depending on how you feel you may think love will never come your way.  Depending on your experiences you might think all the "good ones" have been taken. If it's Monday and you're broke, you may ask "why am I always broke come Monday?"  All that kind of thinking is rooted in fear.  It is not true.  You might be cash flow challenged, but broke no!  Lack of money is not broken or broke.  Money is not a fixer.  Your attitude about your situation is the fixer. This is not news.  But we don't believe it applies to us, because our situation is unique and all that mind changing stuff is nice, but I have real life issues.  Does this sound familiar? 

When we further examine our negative thoughts and negative talk we see that what we say and think are just not true.  I have been spending time really looking at what I say and think.  I have become acutely conscious of my thinking and words.  This is how I am learning that words have power in my life and that I speak my reality.  I can speak my successes and failures into being.  I notice that the negative thinking and talking is done so effortlessly that I hardly realize that I am doing it.  I have conditioned myself to attack myself, to second guess myself, to speak harshly to myself as if I am racing to beat the world before the world can beat me down.  I do it and I am the worst critic!

I am paying attention to my thoughts and words.  I am refusing to say or think the seemingly harmless stuff.  This requires paying attention and being aware of my thoughts...being mindful.  The power of my life lies in how I think about my life,  how I go about speaking truth about my life.

I am spending real time expanding my desire to be in control of my mind., emotions, habits and general well-being.  I no longer want to be at the mercy of my emotions, allowing the world to twist me up.  When I say world, I mean all those things outside of myself having power to make feel a certain kind of way.  I no longer want to be reactionary.  I want to be still and powerful.  I want to be calm and rational.  I want to be peaceful and loving even in the midst of chaos, uncertainty and fear.

It's my mind and I live here. My mind has to be free of clutter and negative thoughts.  It has to be the source from which my strength begins...I believe first and then I can act.  I can imagine and then I can set about doing. In God's care, a free mind, an open and forgiving heart is my goal.  To live in love always is what I am naturally working toward.  I am tired of the heady rush of the latest things.  I am tired of the roller coaster of relationships. What I seek resides within.

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Angela said...

yes, often we clutter our minds ourselves - with self doubt, pity, fear, others opinions.

we should take time daily, weekly, monthly, to clear away the clutter, even if self created, and stand quietly in our own presence.

be still and speak to yourself with love, patience, understanding and empathy.

be well my friend :)