Friday, September 2, 2011


I am so grateful that the power is back on. Storm Irene raged through Connecticut and knocked out power for days!  Uugghhh! I was prepared and the kids saw it as an adventure.  But by Day 2 we were were all starting to wear thin.  By Day 4 we were at our wits end.  However the greatest gift and there was one or two, was as the night begin to fall, we'd gather in the living room or den and sit and talk and laugh.  It was delightful. 

It was a joy to sit and read by lantern.  The kids were into it in a way that I was surprised by.  I mean I make them read all the time, but they seemed to look forward to their dedicated book time and I actually heard them discussing with each other where they were in their stories. 

I am not interested in another hurricane coming through and losing power.  But I am happy for this sacred time and I have lighter heart because of it.

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Her Side said...

This reminds me of a new commercial... A dad comes home to see his whole family engaged in some kind of technology activity (and basically ignoring each other). He goes and hits the main power switch to the house and gathers everybody for a cookout. He wanted some quality family time.

The game is up when one of the kids notices the neighbor's lights are on. LOL

Glad you got your power back. Ours only blinked, but our town just stopped flooding yesterday!