Sunday, August 7, 2011


Your radical truths are not running in parallel. In the sample above, your radical truth is serenity. And fear is the "demon" fighting that truth....HerSide, Battle Scars & Exit Wounds

Yes.  This is the Radical Truth.  Serenity. Peace. Joy. Love.

In my previous post a couple of days ago I was lamenting the duality of my life.  And my Blog Sister HerSide left me a very poignant message that I am starting today's post with....see again.  When I read her comments I was immediately slapped into reality.  I was immediately reminded of how to walk in truth.  It starts with not holding onto mess, myths, lies and confusion.  There is no duality to my life.  As long as I hold onto the negative, the positive can't thrive.  As long as I allow the clutter of my mind, home, thoughts, stuff, grow and thrive then the positive energy has to fight to be heard, seen and experienced.  Yeah it's that deep and that serious.  I was prepared to believe the bullshit.  It is so easy to lose control of your positive energy.  It is so easy to find comfort in negativity.  It is so easy to give up choosing love because everything around you seduces you, woos you into despair.  It is a choice to live well.  It is a choice to live in love.  It is a choice to walk in truth.

I have to stay conscious all the time.  I have to remind myself that I have chosen to live a life solidly rooted in love. 


Big Mark 243 said...

Staying conscious... incredible to believe that it is something you have to 'choose' but there it is. Society has filled us with so much useless desire that we forget that we have a true nature inside of us, driving us towards happiness.

Let go is not giving up... it is a release of the weight that is holding you down...

The Artist In Me said...

Hey Love!!! It's been a while, but I totally agree with this post.

Everyday I am determined to choose to live and love on purpose. Like you said there is so much vying for our attention and a lot of that stuff is to get us off focus. That's just like the enemy right?

Be encouraged, knowing that there are others that are fighting the same fight...whether they state it or not!