Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's been a long time since I sat and watched the fabulous Oprah. I have her shows tivoed and I go through and delete the ones I am not interested in and save the ones I may get round to watching.  Well yesterday twitter was all a buzz about this particular show on No More Dieting.  Oprah's guest was author Geneen Roth who wrote this book called WOMEN FOOD AND GOD. ( I raced to Barnes & Noble this morning) anyway the show moved me to an epiphany about my struggles with weight and food. It got me to begin thinking about this from a different place. So I am going to give up dieting and read this book a couple of times and let its words wash over me.  I am exhausted with this dieting mess.  I am exhausted striving for some ideal size.  This is not a new thought process for me.  I have moments of great clarity and then I will get sucked into this ridiculous diet ride because someone will say something to trigger my feelings about it, and off I go chasing some new diet plan. UUghhh.

I want to fall in love...real love. The first steps is falling in love with me.  So I am stopping all the madness. I am ending the hatred.  Oh yes, I know, I blogged this before and time and time again I buy that ticket and ride that diet ride over and over.  Well for the time being I am getting off and moving in an entirely new direction.

I know that I am on the right path. I can feel it.  Since I've been blogging I can see my evolution.  I have grown and overcome a great deal and that means something in the universe.  There are more blessings to be had. More joy to experience and  more love to be made.  I am opening myself up to moving in an entirely new direction.

Thanks Oprah.


Princess Tinybutt said...

YES! there ya go! i'm over simplifying i know, but yes, just STOP the madness.

there's so much of you to love that has nothing to do with your size. they are not related. yes, there's one of the keys - loving your self for who, what, and where you are NOW. whether you LIKE the who, what, and where, or not really doesn't matter. truly loving yourself in spite of what you don't like is unconditional love that YOU deserve! and who else is more qualified to do that than you?

funny how we fight and struggle to love everyone else unconditionally...

and have i told you that i love you?

Big Mark 243 said...

I wanted you to know that I stopped by... I can't really comment about love and how you are dealing with that because I already know that I am not in the place to have that conversation.

As far as your fitness goals, those are related to your personal and emotional goals. Let them take the place of negative behavior and let that occupy the space where less than good thoughts now reside.

Be well.

MzTeeJaye said...

Lovebabz, I caught bits and pieces of the show but I have yet to sit down and watch it. Still, I am with you on this ride.

Princess Tinybutt...I love your message "truly loving yourself in spite of what you don't like is unconditional love that YOU deserve!"
Never thought about it that way. Right on time!

Lovebabz said...

Thank you! You kind sentiments mean a great deal to me.
Big Mark 243

Luv said...

and why is it that we have such a hard time loving ourselves...i haven't blogged in a minute becuz i have been fighting with this in my head and fighting me ...

we will continue to get on the same ride until we get tired of it and learn its lesson.. this is what i tell myself on the few occasions that i go back thru my posts and be like wow..did i write about that 12 different times..

but it's a journey and the only way to finish it is to keep on pushing..

here's to your progress

Moanerplicity said...

Methinks, the goal is to be HAPPY, or at the very least CONTENTED.

I often wondered about Oprah and her personal issues, becauase while from the OUTSIDE she may seem to have the world at her feet, if she's a food addict, then it's to escape something that's not so happy and content within her self... her inner Oprah-ness.

So, damn a dress size! Size never should define who a person is, any more than one's eye color should! The goal should always be finding one's inner light and happiness, embracing self-contentment... because a happy person's state of mind will manifest, whether it's on the outside or within.

Snatch JOY, Sista!



Anna Renee said...

Hi Lovebabz! My comment is a bit of a turn from the rest, but here it goes! I disliked the way Oprah insinuated that it was her grandmom who caused her the pain of overeating. Because she was punished with whippings. I disliked the way she hid behind that rather than just say she loves eating, and hates exercising, both of which she has stated in the past. Now Geneen Roth tells her to stop overeating and she has an epiphany!! No, me thinks its to sell books for Geneen. Oprah positions herself as the "guru" on all of life, and she ought to just say that it's her own "fault" that she overeats, which in and of itself is not the crime she tends to make it!!
I love O and have been following her for nearly 20 years, and would feel so much love for her if she would just come straight with it.

Lovebabz said...

Sister, I am serious about END!

Lin Ross,

Anna Renee
Sister, I don't concern myself with what Ms. Winfrey does :) I just take what I need and keep it moving. We all ahve our own crosses to bear. She can't speak to mine and I can't speak to hers :) Be well.