Friday, February 14, 2014

How Do I Love Me, Let Me Count The Ways

How Do I love Me? Let me count the ways.
I love that I am unafraid to fly to new heights. I am not afraid to look into the depth of my soul and find peace.

I marvel at my resilience. I honor my brave heart.

I love that I love to laugh...big, hearty and bawdy!

I love that I am fearless. I cannot and will not be contained, controlled or confined by my thoughts and or by the thoughts of others.

I love the ever evolving definition of who I am.

I love my big passion.  There is no shame in desire and sensuality. I am at home naked.

I love my dreams and my fantasies. I love seeing the world through rose colored glassses.

I love the way I think. I love the way I am raising my children.

I love that I have no desire for perfection in anything. I do not beleive in aspiring to perfection... that is a fools journey.

I love that I allow love to fill my senses... through song, wine, friends, and poetry. I am an artist.  I love that I am an artist.

Today I declare that my love for me is unyielding. I will never again invite doubt, and negative talk to interfere with my love affair of myself. I will never again accept someone's manipulation and try to call it love.

Who I am right now is good enough.  I am worthy of love.  I am enough I am enough I am enough.

I can feel time embracing me... whispering, be love right happy right now... You are loved as you are right now.

There is more, oh so much more.

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