Friday, July 12, 2013

My Choices Reflect My Life

I am coming to understand that what shows up in my life is a reflection of what's on my heart, mind and soul.  That whatever choices I make reflect my state of mind... my state of being... my state of state insanity.

This is a hard truth. This is the truth I have been running from all of my adult life.

God has been trying with great success to get me to see this. God does not say aha I gotcha! Instead God says come and seek shelter and liberation and peace... I got your back.  But in the back of my mind, in some far reaching corner of my heart fear casts doubt, even as I beleive in God's call, I am reluctant to go and come.

Like most people, I am learning to live as I go along.  Or maybe most people don't see it that way... many will say it is what it is.  I do know that I am more open to this life right now than I have ever been.  And I swear the more open I become, the more opening I have to do.  Opening is infinite... like love... like God.

Resistance is addictive. I see that now, otherwise why resist?  I am not sure I ever fully explored why I am resistant to EVERYTHING I SAY I WANT ONCE IT SHOWS UP!

I am open to opening more beyond what even I know is possible.

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Moanerplicity said...

Always been a bit leery of people who talk about God speaking to THEM directly... because it has that "I'm The Chosen One" mentality written all over it, & The God I believe in, Doesn't Play Favorites.

However... IF The Creator Did/Does indeed speak to us directly, He would most likely say exactly what you've written here:

"Come and seek shelter and liberation and peace... I got your back."

Profound & simple. Simply profound.