Monday, March 25, 2013

My lenten Journey: Choosing Sacred Over Personal

I already know what makes me happy.  What I want to focus on is what makes me holy.  The actions, the deeds, the thinking and the spirit.  This is a level of spirit maturity that I want to lean into.  How do I define holiness?  How do I make holiness apart of my everyday practical life?

I am not talking about what most are used to... judgement, categories of sin, holier-than-thou mess.  I am talking about real spiritual maturity, where I have no judgements and that my only interest in mankind is that we all love each other.  Love is the bond between me and God, me and my kids, me and my lover, me and the world.

Holiness is the holding of all relationships as sacred, whether I like the person, the object, the place, space or not.  It is well above like or tolerance.  Choosing the sacred over the personal.  Rising above the pettiness of all things that separate me from God.


Big Mark 243 said...

Though some people think other things of him, this sounds like something Dr. Wayne Dyer would have come up with... and I like him..!

Subhash said...
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