Monday, March 4, 2013

My Lenten Journey: Choosing My Words Wisely

I am been hearing a lot about the words we speak.  Lately I have been hearing this message of using words to bless rather than harm.  This isn't a new message, but it is one that is haunting me at the moment.  So I gotta pause and heed what I am hearing.

God is still speaking.

This weekend was illuminating.  I saw my words harming.  I also so saw my words healing and blessing.  I am coming to realize that when my words are harming, I am not standing in the presence of God... or rather I am ignoring God's presence for my own shit.  I think I am right and justified at popping off at the mouth and I say what I think and feel regardless of their effect.   It is the effect that I am going for... to get attention, to shame, to belittle, to wound.  I think that this way is the way to change behavior.

I wrong.  I am out of order.  Hard words is not the way to go in love. Never Ever.

I want to be in God's presence always.  I must start to choose my words wisely.  In all things, I need to choose my words wisely.

God is still speaking.  So rather than be ashamed, I must change. Be deliberate in my efforts to speak lovingly.  I need to give up the excuse of rushing to judgement, or annoyance, or short-temper.  I have to change.  I have to be thoughtful about the way in which I use words to convey my thoughts and feelings.  I gotta check myself first.

This sacred time of preparedness applies to my everyday practical life.  Lent is about Christ's walk to the Cross, and it is also mine.  These are the burdens I am laying down.  The Journey continues.


Moanerplicity said...

"when my words are harming, I am not standing in the presence of God..."

THAT IS so PROFOUND... but then the Truth usually is a profound concept.

Thanks for sharing, my Sista.



LadyLee said...

Our words... they are like little containers. They always carry something. May as well make sure that that "Something" is good... on purpose.

Subhash said...
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