Thursday, October 18, 2012

God. My Breath. And the Sky

I am not fast. I am not concerned with how far I go.  I focus on one step-at-a-time. I work to connect my breath to my thoughts. I seek rhythm. 

I Just finished week 3 of training for the 5k. Saturday starts week 4.  It is mind-blowing that I have been training for a 5k.  I do not love or like running.  What I do like is the sense of accomplishment of getting it done.  This morning I was so relaxed and so ready.  I was not concerned about it being hard.  I ran without my usual music pumping.  I just wanted to be in the moment with God, my breath and the sky.  This is sacred.  This is sacred and I am understanding that.  It is more surrendering than running; God is directing and I am moving at the command of the wind.

The sound of my breath is the prayer. 

I am progressing.


Big Mark 243 said...

Your first run is a mental accomplishment than it is a physical one... wherever the mind leads, the body will follow... so concentrate on strengthening the mind... your body will obey whatever it commands..!

Good luck..!

Mo said...

I too started running and I have to admit, running my first 10K was such a spiritual ordeal for me. Running into the sunrise, watching God wake the world was magical. Keep pushing!