Monday, February 27, 2012

My Lenten Journey 2012: Blogging Is A Part of The Sojourn

I do not blog with an end in sight.  I write from where I am with no real thought about the road ahead.  I am coming to understand that God gives me enough light for the next step ahead.  It is just enough illumination to see to the next step. Yes, I often look to the horizon, and I want to see down the road.  But in reality all I need to see is the next step.  I have enough strength and courage for one more step, or at least that's what I pray for.  So blogging keeps me rooted in this very moment.  It gives me pause for the journey right now.  Whatever I am feeling, whatever is happening, it is right now.

This Season of Lent, I am continuing my spiritual journey from a place of desire and excitement.  There is no fear about the road ahead, or the days ahead, or the years ahead.  There are dreams of course, and hopes and plans of all sorts.  But I am most interested in the quality of the journey right now.  Am I noticing God's movement in my life?  Where are the places of beauty and pain and how can I get more of beauty and less of pain?  How am I becoming love?  Do the people in my circle know that I truly love them?  For me this Season of Lent is about my journey and the quality of those moments in my right now.

Lent is the time I am drawing closer to God by giving up and sacrificing creature comforts.  I am giving up, self-doubt, pity, worrying.  Physically, I am giving eating poorly, staying up late, and too many other carnal indulgences.  This is a long overdue overhaul.  It is not ambitious, it is God's call on my life that I have been ignoring for way too long.  I  have only to look back at my blog archives to see where I have started, stopped and started again over the years. Lent calls to my inner self.  I am listening and answering.

Blogging is part of the sojourn, where I meet myself in the now as I take in the totality of my life in this moment.


Moanerplicity said...

Noticing God's Movement in our lives often requires of us the perfect peaceful stillness of contemplation. This is something that I've personally become aware of... & it & the insight it brings is truly a HUGE Blessing.

And as far as YOU go... you tend to embrace life's storms as well as the quietness inside the aftermath of them. So much of that is expressed & experienced right here within your writing, so surely that movement, God's Movement, is not only noticed but a FELT Thing for you.

May this journey continue to light The Way for you.


Lovebabz said...

Thank you lin,
I am indeed embracing my path and following the call on my life. there are days when I am more willing than others to be God's servant.