Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Lenten Journey: Resurrection is Only The Beginning

For me the resurrection story is all about "Don't Be Afraid" begin anew.

I remember many years ago while I was a college student. I gotten a scholarship award and needed to get to New York City to receive it.  My dear dear Uncle Lonnie (now deceased) drove down from New Brunswick, MA to bring me.  We missed the ceremony...we were dreadfully late.  I was in tears. I felt let down.  And he said to me: There is no such thing as the end...nothing is final, unless you want it to be.

He was right. My not getting there didn't mean I wasn't getting the scholarship. It just meant I missed the award ceremony. His words have stayed with me... nothing is final. That is the Christ story. We all have the ability for the COMEBACK!

The moment I said I wanted to live, be, do, love, act, sing, celebrate a different way... My resurrection story began. The moment we are ready to change, shift, meta morph, the universe meets us and takes our heart's desires that were spoken aloud and works to make our dreams come true. The Easter Sermon this morning given by my minister Reverend Dr. Stackhouse was about being "OPEN" The key: Don't Be Afraid. "Don't Be Afraid". It was so clear and so profound and so divine YES! "Don't Be AFRAID"

Everything up to this moment has been propelling me to a high calling... to leave the ease of a mediocre life by the wayside. I hear that so loud and clear that I ache! Resurrection right now. Change right now. Be different and glorious right now.

For all of my life I have heard God. For all of my life I could feel the hand of God directing, comforting, protecting. I spent a great deal of time running and avoiding and trying to hide. Dying each time I failed. Dying each time I lost some material possession. None of that actually killed me. None of it.  And here I am staging a comeback. Recreating who I am... resurrecting a new life with new hopes and dreams and desires and wishes.

Transition is resurrection. Divorce is resurrection. Serving prison time is resurrection. Starting a new job is resurrection. Adopting children is resurrection. We get to begin anew and there is no stature of limitations on that.  Resurrection depends on our strength to step into the faith stream of God. Resurrection is only the beginning.  If you chose a fresh path... A new way of living, then life presents you a clean slate, a blank canvass. It is yours.  The strength is tested when those around you will do whatever they can to drag you back to who you were... refusing to see or accept the You you have become. And that is where the lesser story become the prevailing story. So rather than fight for the bigger story, so many just surrender to the lesser story and everyone is happy. That is my experience. Now that I am determined to move in the direction of my call, I see and experience the back slap... the discomfort, the projection of pain and fear. I experience the insults of folks who don't dig my shine... Always questioning Who does she think she is?

I am the the child of the most high. I've fallen and I am getting back up!  I am lifted on gossamer wings.  I am so bright that shades may not be enough for you  Buckle up... Strap in.  My resurrection story is just beginning and baby it's going to be a heaven of a ride!  I promise.

My Lenten Journey comes to an illuminating end. It has been wonderful.


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