Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Lenten Journey: Fasting to Slow Down

I have fallen in love with the Season of Lent. I have been Christian all my life, but I paid very little attention to the Season of Lent. Of course I would celebrate Easter! But I never embraced Lent. 

A few years ago my Church started doing specific programming around Lent. It started with creativity... arts and artistic expression.  That along with my studies at the School of Spirituality ignited a sense of interest in me learning to pay better attention to Lent. So here I am focusing on this journey...a sacred walk... my life as I seek to draw closer to God... The Beloved.

The prevailing thought around Lent is to give up something...sacrifice. Though not required, nor taken from anything in scripture we all believe that by sacrificing we get closer to God.  I read something the other day that said rather than take away...add something. That resonated with me. Whatever I give up won't feel like a "real" sacrifice, I mean giving up TV? Wine? those are not "real" sacrifices but they are good places to start.

I've decided to fast. From sun up to sun down. For the next 40-46 days. I am going to read scripture and sacred text/books for the next 40-46 days. I am going to listen to more sacred music.  I am going to treat everyday with a deliberate focus on peace and joy. I am going to behave my way into my faith more fully.  I am giving up fear. I am giving up things that are a hindrance to my personal development. Things that block blessings, dim my light and keep me from fully expressing and receiving LOVE.

I am fasting to slow down. I am putting greater attention on savoring my life. I plan to add more laughter, more artistic expression, more music and singing. I believe these things bring me closer to the Beloved.

As I move through this holy season I pray for change and shifts and miracles. Shedding fear and embracing the Beloved. Unafraid of the perceived darkness, allowing for the warmth of light and lightness of being.

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Big Mark 243 said...

...hope you fast safely..!