Monday, January 6, 2014


When God wants my attention, he sends messages to me in several ways... I'll hear a phrase several times from several odd sources that are, upon first glance, not remotely connected.  I'll come across someone who will say something in just the way God whispered it to me.  Everywhere I go the same theme will appear.  Chasing me down and getting in my spirit. This has been my experience my whole life.  Sometimes I'd listen and sometimes I 'd ignore it.  But it always comes around until I follow the sound of God's voice.  It has taken me years to get some lessons and minutes to fully embrace others. There is no expiration date on being a fool.

So here I am in January 2014 ready and waiting for the spark of  what do I resolve to do... what are my resolutions?  Normally I am all gung-ho, but this time nothing.  Drawing a blank, nothing stirs within my soul, or so I thought...

RISK. Take  FUCKING RISKS. What will you lose by taking a risk(s).   You've already been to hell and back.  You've already lost so called important things.  Now what are you waiting for?

Everywhere I went I kept hearing and seeing and bumping into this word... RISK.  God is speaking to me.  Caling me to once again walk out on faith.  Walk through the storm with my eyes on him.  This is more than just laying my burdens down.  This is a direct call to act, do, be and soar.

In all areas of my life, GOD is calling me to take risks.  Build the Spiritual Direction practice... you're trained.  I am with you.  Write the damn books already, you can absolutely  find the time. I am with you. Get the blogtalk radio shows back up and running, why are you afraid to build that platform?... you were already doing it! I am with you.  Lose the damn weight and be free.  I am with you!  Choose love. I am with you. You are enough. I am with you. serve and volunteer more.  I am with you.

My Resolution is to take risks.  Dare.  Do. Soar.  Having come this far, I know how to weigh risk against what's in the best interest of my family and their needs.  I am not talking about recklessness and abandonment.   Now is the time to make the dreams reality.  Now is the time to summon every ounce of courage and take the biggest leaps of faith imaginable!

My heart's desire can no long be stifled.  I can no longer justify the excuses of not doing what I long to do... what I am called to do.  Divinely appointed and nurture by God to do.

Every morning when I drop my kids off for school I hug and kiss them and whisper... Be Kind. Be courageous. Be confident.  I love you. 

Yes. God is still speaking.  Risk-taking time! Indeed.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Fortune favors the bold..!