Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last Few Days I was Feeling Very Jabba-The-Hut....

Fuck the scale.

For the next 30 days I am leaving the scale alone.  I have given it too much power.  I have given it too much control.  It has become the thing I worship.  Once I step on the scale, my mood for the day is determined.

Fuck the scale.

I know better than to turn my mind over to my fears.  I know better than to fall into the seductive trap of the whispers that tell me I am not good enough...I can't lose this weight, I can't fit that size.  I am wretched.

Fuck the scale.

I am turning off the noise. Tuning out the whispers and freeing myself. I have to leave some things on the floor.  I gotta turn my back on some habits that aren't serving me.  I have to embrace more of my beauty and leave the negativity way behind.

Fuck the scale.

My fight ain't with the scale. My fight is with my inner demons.  My inner negative talk. I am rising above this mess and pressing on. Thriving forward!

Fuck you scale... I may see you in 30 days or I may just kick you to the curb permanently.


Lin Ross said...

Whoa! Passionate much? *smiles*

Not since that righteous diatribe you launched against your ex, have I noticed you using the F-word in this blog... so that tells me you are filled w/ dead SERIOSITY!

Because f my heart condition I have to weigh myself daily, but I DO get where you're coming from. It's amazing what one day of eating, just 3 squares will do to your actual weight. On can gain 3-5 pounds in a week, just eating, not over-eating. Simply by eating. True story.

Here's a tip: EAT LESS! Dial down the size of the portions... & WALK more! You heard me: Move that ass! Make water your only beverage. It has no calories & it really will curb your appetite. Do these things & you WILL lose weight. I promise.



Lovebabz said...

Ha ha ha! Lin! and thanks for the great advice.

I am on it!