Monday, April 29, 2013


The clock is on... it's been on for almost 50 years!  Thursday I step into 50!

Full Grown 50! Ha ha ha!

I am not afraid of 50.  Bring it bitches! Bring it!  The best thing about 50 is that I am acutely aware of time.  I relish the shit that I do and when I do shit I am totally in!  Turning 50 cuts out half-stepping and bullshit.  If you are 50 and you are struggling with NO, then you need to redo your 40's and get some balls.

I am not angry.  I am not unhappy.  I am not missing or wishing, or longing for anything.... OK except for more $$$$  but everyone does that except the Dali Lama perhaps.  The point is, I am satisfied with me.  That doesn't mean I have accomplished all my desires and goals.  And it doesn't mean I don't have bigger dreams to chase.  But as I chase and accomplish, I love the woman I am in this moment.  I love this body that runs and works out and lifts weights. I love all the challenges and the way I am handling my life. There is no fear abut anything.

50? Bring It!

There is no anxiety.  I love all my grey hair. I do not have any wrinkles... my skin remains flawless, my smile is pearly white radiant.  This is the life.  This is the body.  This is the mindset. 50? BRING IT!


Moanerplicity said...

Happy (pre) Natal Day!!!!

Fiddy? Bring it!

Let the JOY-snatchin' begin... in earnest!


Nadine Finigan said...

Love your attitude! Happy Born Day!

Princess Tinybutt said...



Subhash said...

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