Friday, January 11, 2013

Faith Forward Friday: Where I Put My Attention

This is the year of answering my life in ways I have never answered before.  I can feel a sense of deliberate energy driving me. I am more aware of what I eat, what I drink and what the effects will be.  I am working out with real vigor.  I am running.  I am running because I like the results and I like the way my mind clears and the fog lifts in my head.

God is indeed giving me enough light for the step ahead.  Enough light to pay attention to what is immediately before me... not what's around the corner or down the road.  My path is illuminated for the step....a at a time.  This allows me to put my attention on the present moment. The present moment, the present breath, the present thoughts.

There is no love gone. Yes, and now I am sad because he left (but he has been leaving since he arrived).  Love is all around. The man holding my affection has gone and the love remains. My attention is on the love that remains, not the man who has left.  Shifting my attention from what seemed like a loss and putting it on what has been gained  is the next step on my path to greater awareness of who I am.

This is the year of answering my life. Where I put my attention will be all about that which grows me spiritually, physically and lovingly.  I am laying down the burden of holding on to people, places and things that don't make me better, stronger, brighter or healthy.  I cannot be the keeper of other people's shit.  I cannot support people staying stuck in their shit, nor do I want to hear over and over and over what they intend to do, wish to do or dream to do.  This is the year I answer my life.  I am not tolerating my own bullshit excuses. I am putting my attention on growing and becoming more of my best self.

More of my best self.


LadyLee said...

Right on!

Princess Tinybutt said...

i second that ladylee.

that last paragraph is me. i thank you for putting into words my thoughts, feelings, experiences...
MY ACTIONS moving forward.