Friday, July 22, 2016

I Believe In...

I Believe:

In love everlasting; sex on rainy days; sex on Sundays; good wine; vegan artisan chocolates; fancy sexy panties; Church on Some Sundays; Jazz; Cassandra Wilson; red lace bras; high heels; flats; red lipstick; black lipstick; soft porn done well; live music; kink; natural hair; 100% Egyptian cotton sheets; silk pajamas; champagne everyday; beautifully grilled steak; cognac; roses; peonies; orchids; phone sex; spiritually rooted conversations; jazz gospel music; masturbation; silk scarves; incense; Angela Bofill; Fine table wear; vases; pitchers; sparkly picture frames; red glasses; down pillows; feather beds; Martha's Vineyard; Just about anywhere in the Caribbean; Peace of mind; love letters; Christmas, snow on occasion; Martha's Vineyard; Adoption of children; enduring friendships; Walks in truth; real men; solid brothers; Black Greek Women; DST; Men who love with abandon; Men who adore Black Women; Men who protect Black Women; Men who revere Black women; vegan ice cream; Black children; United Church of Christ; My dearest friends; Solid Black Men; Teachers of Color; Children of Color; Strong neighborhoods, long showers; long baths, vegan biscuits; real cocktails; Hebrew scripture; sacred Christian scripture; Bob Marley; Mozart; Paris; Prague; New Orleans; Earth Wind & Fire; Phyllis Hyman; hot days; love everlasting; Nikki Giovanni; HBCUs; William Spivey; Red sports cars; bright colored galoshes; red lipstick; good hot coffee; unsweetened ice tea; Books: More books; Still more books; poetry; Lots and lots of poetry; Binge TV watching; collard greens on Sundays; My daughters; my Sons; Robin Gwathney; Big Mike; Bob-O; peace on earth.

We are what we tell ourselves we are. We attract what we are. We believe what we experience


Photo: Karen King Photography
Makeup: Winter Carson, Madame Blush
Hair: Hair's Kay Salon and Sangster Barber & Salon

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Big Mark 243 said...,here..! I like that you are positive about yourself and that you dare to ask for what you want by stating what you are..!