Monday, September 21, 2015

Lover. Soul Mate. Husband.

Some years ago I crafted a Love List (Check my archives)... 100 things I wanted in a Soul Mate. Fast forward almost a decade to a more manageable downsized Love List. 11 Things I need in a Lover, Soul Mate, Husband. I am planning to get married again, which means I am planning to be purposeful in my dating life. I am planning to chose more wisely. It begins with clarity about what it is I value in myself and in someone intimately connected to me.

Hey Universe I am putting it out there!

Be impeccable with your word. Consider me as you go about your day and in the choices you make. I will do the same. Show up honorable. Show up fearless.Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

Confide in each other. Place more importance on sharing with each other than being concerned about what might be our reactions, because we know we are on each other's side. Believe in me,as I will believe in you. Count on me, as I will count on you. Need me as I need you.

If you feel compelled to have and want more than me and what I can give and bring to you. Then tell me. Cut right to the heart of the matter. Otherwise hold yourself sacred and I will do the same.

Walk in Truth. 
Have a code of ethics for yourself. Always be willing to tell the truth about how you feel, think and behave.

In deeds. Words. Actions. Lovemaking. I don't want sarcasm that is mean, or hurtful. I want romance in the ordinary course of the day... Not always grand sweeping gestures. Small and thoughtful.

Have your own interests 
That don't include me. We are not twins. I support your interests. Support mine. We are individuals merging and blending; we must hold to our independence too. Let us respect each others alone time.

Be willing to have an adventurous love. 
Be willing to do things. Try things. Experiment. Open to possibilities for more love and shared experiences.

Believe in the circle of family.
Be connected to family. Have peace within family. Blend our families as best as we can.

Willing to be honest about finances.
Create fiscal priorities.(Which I haven't done, but want to do this next time around)

Sense of humor
Can laugh and make light of things. Not stoic. Not hard. Not sarcastic.

Wants to be married.
Wants to exchange vows with family and friends in attendance. Wants to have a marriage that works... Not the fairy tale... But real shit. Talking. And more talking. Reasonable discussions. Room for disagreement and differing opinions. Commitment to working through everything.


♥ CG ♥ said...

Amen! I need to get my list in better shape.

Luv said...

You never disappoint... the hardest part from being away from Blogosphere was missing how your posts always challenged me to really examine what I was putting out in the universe