Monday, March 30, 2015

My Lenten Journey 2015: The Week of Holiness

In my efforts to chase my dreams, holy week can easily slip by me. Racing from pillar to post leaves little time to sit and discern the fullness of holy week. I had delusions of constant praying and loads of time for meditation and contemplation. I had thought once this holy season was upon me that I would just settle in naturally and be at home with God.

Well, none of this is remotely true. As a matter of fact, I am not feeling holy in the way that I was hoping to feel holy. And truth be told, my prayer life sucks at the moment. I find myself rushing through my prayers... the very time I love. Oh and I won't even go into how I haven't even said prayers. See, this is all the guilt and the old me trying to creep in and unravel all the spiritual work.

Remembering Holy Week slows me down. It calls me to let go of the bustle and hustle of busyness. It calls me from a place of love, not of fear of God's displeasure. God has always been pleased and delighted by me. I know that and believe that. It is me and my rushing here and there that is the barrier. I dictate my schedule. I must remember that and act accordingly. I will what I want  (Thank you Misty Copeland). So my will is to be deliberate in my spiritual maturity. Remember why this is Holy Week and stand in reverence. Remember why it is Holy Week and believe there is good news coming.

I open myself up to this week of holiness. I embrace the greatest story ever told. I am resurrected each and every time I turn my face to God's face in prayer and in silence. The whispers in my heart guide me. The longing in my soul, direct me. Divinity rests with me.


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